What Kind Of Snakes Inhabit Grassland Areas?


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There is a saying 'a snake in the grass' and it should be no surprise that grassland areas and savannahs are home to loads of snakes. It is their perfect environment, with thick, ground level vegetation that they can move through with ease.

Snakes on the grasslands take advantage of the dense ground cover to stalk their prey – they may not be visible until the moment they strike and can catch predators completely by surprise. Pythons and boas are the largest species with a capacity to swallow animals the size of gazelles. This is an amazing feat and it takes them weeks or even months to complete the digestion process.

Smaller snakes feed on lizards, rodents, bird and eggs but their venom may be potent enough to kill much larger animals, including people. Lethal species include cobras, mambas, the boom slang and the cascavel. All of these snakes are highly poisonous and dangerous.

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