Do Ants Carry Germs?


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Every living thing carries germs, in fact germs or organisms are living things themselves. They require a host to live in and survive and move around, so they can multiply.
Humans carry germs, and we generally build an immunity to the germs in our own homes and those of our family members, or pets.
Children who are protected from contact with germs, and live in homes which are constantly disinfected, develop weak or impaired immunity systems.
So ants, which are really the cleanest of creatures, must also survive, and exist side by side with us in our world. They are never cause for concern in terms of sanitary conditions. Termites another kind of ant, can eat wood, and that can be a problem, as the house could fall down, if there are enough of them.
Ants are part of a healthy ecology on the earth, learn to love them, even when they visit you at home.
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There are several types of ants, but the most common variant found in the UK, the garden ant, does not carry harmful germs. This is a reassuring thought for the many residents who find that ants often enter their kitchen through windows or doors looking out onto gardens or backyards.

While garden ants may be annoying, but do not pose a health risk, the Pharaoh's Ant is much more problematic in this regard. Pharaoh's Ants are more common in apartment, or office buildings, commercial establishments and hospitals, and they thrive in warm, heated environments. They also do carry germs, mainly because they tend to consume rotting foods.

While it is possible to purchase various sprays in order to control ant problems in houses, sometimes the best option is to contact a professional pest control company. It is especially common to go this route in the case of apartment buildings where ants have infested several flats and if this appears to be a constant problem. In this case, it is often not the tenant, but rather the landlord/landlady who will have to cover the costs of pest control.

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