How Much Water Does A Baby Turtle Need?


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A ten gallon tank is good for now but then later on you have to upgrade it. I rather just get a big tank now than having to buy another one later. The bigger the tank, the bigger. You will also need to provide a filter. A filter is good because turtles can be a bit messy. Get a filter that fits with the size of your tank, but it be good if you have a filter that is twice of your tank. I heard that its cleaner that way. You will need a water heater. A water heater helps because it won't cause them into hibernation. I heard that hibernation in captivity is bad, so a water heater is useful to have. You will need a basking light with a basking dock. You can add river rocks to your tank, but don't use gravel because a turtle can choke on it. Get rocks that are bigger than its head.

you will also need a variety of foods for your turtle. Pellets, vegetables, fruits, and live food. It is not common to feed listed. But you should just provide food so they won't go hungry. Romaine lettuce and carrots are among popular vegetables for turtles. Live food such as minnows, crickets, and worms are also good for you turtles.

don't feed so much to your turtles because it will cause pyramiding of the shell and can get sick. Feed you turtle as much as the size of their heads. I suggest you feeding your turtles into another container that way your tank can be clean and won't be changing the water often.

as for safety, whenever you handle your turtle or around the tank, I advise your to wash your hands with soap and water that way you won't get samonella or get sick.

I hope this helps you. If you would want to know about turtles, you can visit One of my favorite website. They have a lot of info about everything and anything about turtles. And I recommend this to anyone as well.

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