If Untreated, Can Ticks Harm My Dog?


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Yes! Very much. Ticks can carry diseases from pet to pet and can harm your dog. You should have a gaurd that you put on your dogs skin in a small area an they are safe from ticks. Also, by petting your dog, you can feel around for ticks. They look like a black M&M on their skin and are really hard to get off. You need to take tweezers and pull it out. It will look bloody and sore. Clean and sterilize the area and in no time your puppy will feel much better. You can tell that your dog has ticks by them scratching and licking the area to try to get it off. Try to keep dogs away form wooded areas as much as possible, because that is where the ticks live. How your dog stays tick free, and remember, they need medicine on their skin, like I give my dog k9 advantics and it works really great!!
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Absolutely. There are a number of things that can happen if  a dog is not treated for ticks, including leg paralysis and respiratory ailments. These days, it's not too hard to prevent ticks using Frontline or other similar treatments. Plus, they're really gross!! Good luck with your doggie!
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Yes, they can cause infection where they get under the skin, if enough of them, they can make it anemic.they can make a dog real sick. Get it clean of ticks and start a flea/tick regiment.

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