Which Is The Largest Parrot In The World?


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The largest types of parrot in the world are the macaws from Central and South America. These live in forests, savannahs and plantations from Mexico to Paraguay. These long tailed birds can grow to lengths of up to one metre, including the tail.

The macaws are quite well known and the other most familiar parrots are the parakeets, the budgerigars, the Amazon parrots, and the lovebirds. Parrots are extremely popular animals with humans from all backgrounds and countries and their bright colouration make them good subjects for paintings and artwork.

There are 27 other species of parrot in the Amazon and all are thick set birds with brilliant green plumage and gaudy yellow, blue or red spots or stripes in the crown, wings or throat. The macaw is no exception and its massive size and wing span in combination with its colouration make it a spectacular sight in the rainforest.
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The Kakapo from New Zealand is the heaviest Parrot in the world. It's also flightless and nocturnal. The Macaw is Longer and has a larger wingspan but not the weight.

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