How Can I Get My Parrot To Stop Plucking?


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Well, the reason for plucking has to be stress of some kind, just as fidgeting, nail biting or worse is caused by nervous anxiety in humans.  Unfortunately habits form and then the plucking is its own master.  That's my take based on experience with two greys.

I always let my grey roam free, but still, if there is a quarrel in the house he will start chewing his feathers, sad to report.  If perfectly secure and free he doesn't do it, as far as I can judge.  Currently we have lost his long feathers on one wing, and repeatedly, all his feathers on the tail.  I tried various disgusting creams on her ass to discourage her, but worried they might poison her.  These seemed to work very briefly to slow her or stop her and she let the tail feathers grow a bit.  But then, blood on the stalks as she pared them again.

F inally, a ray of hope. My application of safe dar k maple syrup seems to work OK as long as there is no major upset in the household and it is repeatedly applied and kept up.  So far so good, a whole new crowded batch of tail stalks.  Bu there was a relapse yesterday when the peace was disturbed.

I think it might work out this time if we are very careful.  But I also feel that picnics in the park now that summer is here will help.  Partrots especially greys are very intelligent and easily bored and frustrated if they are left alone and don't have enough genuine stimulation. Just like people.  One must give one's parrot a lot of love, freedom, good diet and care and attention or have a very guilty conscience.  -  textgenie
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Try hiding her food so she has to use her brain to find it. Change her perches around and move her toys. Anything like this is called "enrichment" and helps keep animals and birds stimulated and happy.
Also - does she like a dust bath? Or a shower? Most parrots enjoy those.
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I had the same problem so I brought her new toys and got rid of the old ones and got her new perches and this thing and its like a treat that parrots peck
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Feather plucking is a sign of disstress or boredom try giving it more attention or some new toys.
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That's easy parrots require a LOT of time and care and the main reason they pluck their feathers is bec. Their need to spend a lot more time with you're bird
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My parrot always has company. She is very playful and well looked after. She is very rarely alone. Thanks for your advice. She is only 4 yrs old and very loved. xxx

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