How Do You Groom A Cairn Terrier?


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Grooming a carin terrier is all about health hygiene and appearance. You can start with nail clipping and teeth cleaning. Just like any other pets cairns also have a lot of tartar and plaque and hence it is necessary that is should be regularly cleaned. Carins are also very much bound to skin disease. If they are given regular wash then it keeps away from flea bites, dry skin, bacteria, and clogged pores. All these are recognized as recognized as precipitating factors. Try and maintain the skin, so that you don't have to give it a regular bath.

For grooming the ears the best thing to do is to use your fingertips or a fine stripping knife to drag the long hair off the TOP THIRD ONLY of both ears; together font and back. You will need to grasp the base of the ear stable with your other hand as you do this. Cairns somehow like it when you do it. The hair is pulled very little but not downward to the skin.
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My female 7 month Carin started barking when I took her for a walk which is very unlike her, she then started walking with her tail between her legs?   She is peeing more? Could she be in heat?

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