How Do You Tell If My Praying Mantis Is Pregnant?


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Actually a swelling abdomen doesnt mean anything. A mantids abdomen will swell after eating a nice meal its own size, so don't wait around for any eggs in that case.

Its pregnancy is determined by its behavior. If you have it in a cage/terrarium, its should be obvious. If you put a male in there she could very well be pregnant (as long as you kept her well fed before she mating, and if you didnt well your male mantis probably got eaten before he had a chance to get sexy)

anyway if shes outside then you may aswell just wait n see. The only way to tell if she WAS pregnant (thats right past tense) is if you see 300 mini mantids running around.

I just caught a mantis, and its as fat as my thumb almost. For a bit I doubted that it ws pregnant, but I could be wrong which is y I'm here looking it up. The website I was on before clicking this 1 told me that if my mantis doesnt want to hunt, or if its just batting away at the feeder prey and not actually grabbing it, then she could be pregnant or molting (shedding its skin) in which case you don't even want to touch her or move her cage at all untill she's done (or she ould die within 48 hours especially if molting)

my mantis is ignoring its prey so I think she may be pregnant, she looks too big already to molt but could be wrong s I wont risk it... She will remain untouched for a week or so ill see wut happens.
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There is no way for anyone on the web to determine whether your praying mantis is pregnant.

However, as with most creatures, a swollen abdomen may indicate
the presence of developing eggs, assuming, of course, that nothing is wrong with your pet.

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