What Is The Difference Between A Hare And A Rabbit?


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A hare has longer hind legs and larger ears than a rabbit and rabbit is more commonly eaten than what hare is
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I when young asked this question because like most people often confused rabbits and hares. They are very different in several ways. Hares are generally larger, and have longer rear legs and longer ears than rabbits. When hares are born, they have a full coat of fur and their eyes are open. Their mothers either drop them on the bare ground at birth or into a slight depression in the ground. Did you know A young hare is called a leveret.

Rabbits, on the other hand, are more compact. Also their young, are called bunnies and are born hairless and blind.

The mother rabbit lines a nest with grass, bark and soft stems. Over this, she places a layer of hair that she plucks from her own body. When she leaves the nest, she covers the bunnies with more hair and dead plants to keep them warm and hidden from enemies.

Rabbits and hares both molt and then grow new hair. This happens in both the spring and in the fall. Rabbits' brown summer fur is replaced with fur that is greyer. Hares, especially those living in cold, snowy regions, turn white in the winter.

Rabbits and hares are more active during the dark hours from dawn to dusk. Rabbits hide in either burrows or depressions in the ground during daylight hours. They try to keep hidden. Hares hide among plants and usually try to escape enemies by running.

Rabbits are often found together. Male rabbits even fight within a group to become the dominant male. The dominant male rabbit then mates with most of the females in the area. Hares live most of the time by themselves. They come together in pairs for mating only. There is little or no fighting among hares.
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          The scientific term for animals like a rabbit born blind and helpless is alitricial; for animals like hares born fully formed and "hard-wired" to flee immediately, it's precocial.  The most common hare in the U.S. Is the jackrabbit. While the latter part of its name is scientifically inaccurate, the first part refers to its long ears, which resemble those of a male mule, or "jack."              Jackrabbits are easily twice the size of rabbits, the most common of which in the U.S. Is the cottontail.              In many small, country bars in the West, next to the mounted heads of deer, elk, moose, bear, or bighorn is the head of a "jackalope." This the animal that results when a jackrabbit and pronghorn antelope mate. It has the head of a hare and the horns of a pronghorn. You can buy a genuine jackalope head to wow your pals in your home saloon from Cabela's Outfitters (www.cabelas.com).

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