What Is The Difference Between A Bunny And A Rabbit?


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There isn't really a difference, unless you are looking at age difference, but that is about it, I think you could have asked the difference between a hare and a rabbit, there is a difference there, the hare is from the lepus genus, and the rabbit is just considered leporidae no genus found there. Hope this helps.
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Brian Reed answered
Oh a trick question eh? There is no difference unless you mean the easter bunny. He is only a bunny because have you ever heard of the Easter rabbit , I rest my case.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
It just depends on what the person wants to call the animal a bunny or a rabbit.  Technically, the proper word to use would be rabbit.  You would call a stuffed animal a bunny usually depending on what one wants to call it. 
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Lucy mall answered
Well there both the same but there kind of similar I suppose.
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Wait but don't rabbits have longer ears and bunnies are shorter and fluffier and have small ears?
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My bunny's name is Bunny Rabbit.. So there better be no difference :)
Or else, I hear they make great stew.
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Dena May answered
Many different kinds of bunnies. I know that a jackrabbit is not a bunny persay

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