How Do You Knit Cat Clothes?


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The answer is that you'd knit clothing for your cat in more or less the same way you would knit items for a human baby.

How to knit clothes for your cat

Clothes that are made for cats (and dogs for that matter) are made in such a way as to assume that the animal was not a quadruped.

Similarly when you are knitting something for your cat try and imagine your cat standing on its hind legs.

Clothing that is meant for animals covers the upper body and front legs but leaves the hind legs and genital area open. The sleeves are designed to end before the paws and thus do not obtrude and get in the way of the cat's use of its paws.

Measurements should be taken of the neck, upper waist, fore legs and wrist circumference.

Most libraries and book stores keep reference material in their hobby section if you're looking for some material on the subject.

There are also several specialized stores that sell clothing for animals.

Sources for information on how to knit your cat some clothes If you're looking for a good site to get you started on your feline knitwear adventure, I'd recommend if you're looking for fun examples. is also pretty good if you're looking for actual patterns.

If you're looking for some LOLs, I'd also suggest you check out the following video of what might happen when you try and get your knitwear onto your cat:
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Karl Sagan answered

I've heard that an average cat wears baby sizes 0-3 months, so you can use that info when you decide to knit something for your cat. I want to start creating my own clothing as well, but I think knitting is not for me, so I guess I'd just order a bunch of clothing here with my personal design, and that's it.

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