What Causes Muscle Spasms In Dogs?


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My one year old Pitbull has in the last 8 months has been having allot of trembling and what looks like muscle spasms when sleeping and just siting their she Will start I give her lots of hugs and comfort she will stop after a couple min I am lost Help
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I know that there are several causes to muscle spasms but my dog has them because he has calcification on his spine and when he strained himself recently two of his spinal nerves got pinches which resulted in spasms. We took him to the vet and they gave us pain killers and muscle relaxants with orders to keep him in his kennel pretty much all day for about two weeks.
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If your dog has these spasms while sleeping your dog could be dreaming.
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Well seizures may cause spasms and lack of energy in dogs. I would suggest that to take your dog to a vet for proper check up, because it can turn out to be dangerous for the dogs.
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This doesn't sound good how do you know she's having these spasms..
Then you should keep your eyes on her and call the vet.and ask what
shell you do.. Asp..   Good luck.   .and  I she gets better.

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