Why Is My Dog Having Abdominal Muscle Spasms?


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There are various reasons why your dog may be having abdominal muscle spasms, and the best way to tell for sure is to take it to the vet who will be able to give a proper considered opinion and will offer the correct course of treatment. That would be the best advice because you want your dog to be healthy - advice given on a forum like this tends to be largely general and not necessarily in the best interests of the animal. Having said that, I'll give some examples as to what the issue could be but you should definitely see the vet. Muscle spasms in dogs can be due to constipation and if the dog is constipated then try feeding it canned pumpkin which should help its digestive system. Other causes include ulcers, difficult urination, gastritis or stomach pain due to nausea. Check if the muscle spasms are accompanied by vomiting because this could be due to an intestinal
blockage. Sometimes back pain can cause abdominal spasms as well so if you think it may be suffering back trouble then try palpating its back by lightly pressing along the side of the spine and at the base of the back to see whether the dog reacts.
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Hello, There is a drug for humans called Zantac) ia acuatually a commercial,
on the tv. It is a name for a drug called Randitidine. It is occasionally used for
dogs, They have it at the vet too for dogs.
Your Dog may have ulcer, or Gastritis, Which When the dog digest its food
the stomach digestive system actually twist , causing Gas to bloot, and then
]the Muscle spasms occur. I Still would take my pet to the vet, and get it checked
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There is a drug called Zantac> is actually a  human drug, but it be
on commercials too, for dogs. Your dog could have ulcers. Or gastritis.
Or acid reflix. Which causes the digestive system to twist while digesting
food , and then Gas occurs. The esophagus , and digestive tract causes
the spasms. I would call a vet to ask them for further advice.

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