What Is The Bird That Looks Like Bald Eagle?


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The Bald Eagle has a very unique appearance, and very few other species of bird resemble it. If you have seen a bird that looks like a Bald Eagle in your area, it most likely is a Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle is most commonly found in areas of North America (indeed, the bird is the national symbol of the United States of America). If you are not in a North American region, perhaps a Bald Eagle has somehow strayed into your area without purpose. It could have been kept as a pet and escaped, or may have got lost in bad weather whilst flying.
  • How to spot a Bald Eagle
Bald Eagles have a very distinctive appearance. An adult Bald Eagle has a dark brown body and a white head, as well as a collection of white tail feathers. It then has a bright yellow beak and yellow claws, and small beady eyes. The legs of a Bald Eagle are free of feathers. Younger Bald Eagles look similar, but are fully brown in appearance. Female Bald Eagles tend to be slightly larger than male Bald Eagles.
  • The habitat of the Bald Eagle
Most Bald Eagles live near expansions of open water, where they can enjoy a vast food supply. This could be near the sea, or near a river or lake. They tend to make their nests in very old trees. These trees must have an open structure, as well as a good view of the surrounding area. Habitats such as these are commonly found in the USA, Canada and Northern Mexico; it is in these locations the Bald Eagle is usually found. As a bird of prey, the Bald Eagle feeds primarily on small species of fish.
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The African Fish Eagle, that's what he wanted to know not the whole life story of the bald eagle!

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