What Does An Eagle Look Like?


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The eagle has broad wings, but it is different from other birds of prey that have broad wings. An eagle is a large bird of prey, which is known for its large size, its powerful build and its head and bill, which are heavy. Even smaller species of eagles have broad wings, long bodies and a more direct and faster flight.

Eagles have very large beaks, or bills, which are powerful and hooked. They utilize their beaks to rip the flesh from the bodies of their prey. They also have strong legs and powerful talons. Their best feature is, undoubtedly, their extremely keen sense of eyesight. It is with the help of their sharp eyesight that they can spot their potential prey for a long distance.

The sharp eyesight of the eagle can be attributed to their pupils, which are extremely large in size. The pupils of the eagle's eyes cause minimal diffraction of scattering of the incoming light.

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