7 Year Old Miniature Schnauzer Has Diarrhea.what Can I Do ?


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Diarrhea in dogs has several causes and each cause requires different treatment. Before giving any treatment of diarrhea in dogs, investigations should be done to know exact cause. This can be done by the vets only. Following are some major causes of diarrhea in dogs

   1. Stress
   2. Anxiety
   3. Bacterial, viral, fungal  and parasitic infection of gastrointestinal tract
   4. Food allergy
   5. Eating garbage
   6. Changes in diet
   7. Symptoms of some other illnesses
   8. Lymphoma
   9. Cancer
  10. Side effects of many medicines

So, take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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My Schnauzer has been sick for a month with diahrea. He had Pancreatitis at first and was hospitalized for 2 days. He has taken the antibiotics to take care of the bacteria in his tripes and is still tking forta-flora to add good bacteria to his tripes. He got better when he took donnatal but as soon as prescription ran out diahrea came back. Imodium does not seem to help and I do not know what to do next.

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