Why Does A Camel Have Wide Spread-out Feet?


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Those wide feet spread out his weight so he doesn't sink into the sand when he's walking.
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The camel has wide spread feet to enable him to walk on shifting sand in the desert, much like wearing large snow shoes in the snow when going cross country, to stop sinking in, the soft pad is moveable and it contracts and expands to give better grip.
The camel or camelid is a even toed ungulate the foot has toenails and the soft pads underfoot bear the weight of the camel which can weigh from 250kg to 680kg and reach a height of 2 metres.
The food pad is tough and leathery to protect the camel walking long distances on scorch ing hot desert sand.
The camel can live to 50 years, so it is an animal that has adapted perfectly to fit it's environment.
In rough rocky terrain where some camels live the foot pad is used to grip onto rock and steep inclines.
There are one humped and two humped camels, but both can survive in hostile environments.
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I am Tenzin Yangchen A -a Tibetan student of grade nine.in my opinion camels have wide foot because
1 surface area is more
2 pressure exerted by foot is less
3 foot sinks little
4 easy to walk

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