What Is A Baby Bird Called?


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The most common term for a baby bird is a chick.  This describes the baby bird from the day it hatches until it leaves the nest.

Other Terms for a Baby Bird

There are many other terms for a baby bird. A hatchling can be used to describe a very recently hatched chick. 
Nestling describes a bird at several days old, but once the chick is ready to leave the nest, it becomes a fledgling

As the chick develops, and passes the stage of being a fledging, it becomes a
juvenile.  A subadult is an immature bird that can take care of itself, but isn't sexually mature.

Some species of bird have their own names for their offspring:

  • Dove  - squab/squeaker
  • Duck - duckling
  • Owl - owlet
  • Eagle - eaglet
  • Falcon - eyas
  • Goose - gosling
  • Swan - cygnet
These names are only used while the chicks are still in the nest.  Once they start looking after themselves, even if they aren't yet fully mature, their baby names are no longer used.
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Young ones(birds) are called fledgling or nestling
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Baby birds are called fledglings or young.

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