What Is A Crane Bird?


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A crane bird is a popular bird belonging to the Gruidae family. Their popularity is for their exquisite courtship dances, bodily beauty and sweet voices. A sum total of 15 species of crane bird is available throughout the world till date.

Crane birds are the vocal birds. They are able to produce variety of sounds ranging from low-pitched sound to the high-pitched one. Their sound producing phenomenon describes different purposes such as mating pairs produce long dramatic call by pointing their beaks towards the sky. This is known as unison call or bonding call. On the other hand, they produce another type of loud high-pitched sound as one of them is about to take a flight. Crane birds possess a long windpipe using which they can regulate the volume of their calls.

Their feeding is primarily dependent on grains such as corns and wheat found in the harvested areas. They also feed on invertebrates found in the water. Their speciality includes their standing on one leg and tucking the other one under the wings.

The most beautiful feature of crane bird is their courtship dancing that they do while mating season comes. This is considered to be the most intricate and exquisite in animal kingdom. Another interesting feature includes that once a pair gets bonded with each other, the bond will continue forever throughout the lifespan. The crane birds dance to relieve from tensed situation as well. The young crane bird may dance in excitement also.

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