What Is A Baby Swan Called? What Is A Female Swan Called?


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Swans are birds belonging to the genus Cygnus of the family Anatidae. This family also includes other animals such as geese and ducks. The swans are grouped in the subfamily Anserine together with the geese where they form a tribe Cygnini. Swans are distinct in appearance and behavior since they are among the largest flying birds. In extension, their wingspan may get up to 10ft with mature ones weighing up to 15 kilograms. As adults they have a patch of unfettered skin between their eyes with the males weighing generally more than the females. Some scientists and researcher at times consider swans a distinct subfamily with the name Cygninae. There are eight to nine species of swans, which include:

Whooper swan

Trumpeter swan

Tundra swan

Mute swan

Black necked swan

Black swan

Berwick swan

Corsoba swan

Whistling swan.

The swans are grouped and named depending on their origin, appearance and in some cases behaviour. For instance, the mute swan is observed to possess a less vocal behavior as compared to other swans. Some researchers also note that the mute swan displays different mating orientations with some behaving closely to homosexual tendencies.

They reproduce by laying eggs which later hatch to give an offspring. The offspring given thereof is called a cygnet. A name adapted via its classification. The swans are also known to form monogamous family bonds, which are in pairs. These bonds are for mating purposes but some are recorded to stay for a lifetime. Cases where the mates separate are noted especially in instances where there is a hatching failure also termed as nestling failure. The swans are rather cooperative in the incubation of eggs with the male aiding the female in the incubation. A typical clutch would house on average three to eight eggs.

With distinct roles; the swans have distinct names for each gender. A male swan is known as a cob while a female swan is referred to as a pen.
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A baby swan is called a 'cygnet' or a 'signet'.
While a male swan is known as a 'cob', the female is known as a 'pen'.
Swans belong to the family 'Anatidae'. They are closely related to the geese family. The word 'swan' is derivative of the Old English 'swan', which is said to have originated from the German 'Schwan'. This word in turn supposedly has Indo-European origins, from 'swen' which means 'to sing'.
An exquisitely beautiful creature, the swan has proved to be a great source of inspiration to many poets and writers across the world, for several centuries. Any man, trying to court a lady of greater status than him in life, is said to be a 'toad wanting to eat swan flesh'!
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"cygnet" is correct... "signet" is how it's pronounced, not another word/name for a young swan... A "signet" is a seal used to give personal authority in lieu of an actual signature, or the actual stamp or ring used to create the seal...
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Baby Swan - cygnets
Female Swan - pen
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A baby swan is a signet; a female swan is a pen.
We use these words all the time and don't realize their beginnings.
Writing instruments were once made from baby swan feathers and dipped in ink to write,  hence the "signature"... We later named the instrument a "pen" (the female swan).
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A baby swan is called a cygnet or signet
a female swan is called a pen
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From late April to the end of June is the breeding period and the baby swans are called cygnets

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