Why Do Elephants Have Long Trunks?


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The elephant's long trunk serves many purposes. The elephant uses its long trunk to scoop up water to drink and to bath. They will fill their trunk up with as much water as possible and then either drink it or it will throw it over its back in order to bath.
It also uses its trunk to pick up food such as grass or straw. They use it as a fork. They will pick up some grass or straw with the trunk then put it in its mouth. The elephant also uses its long trunk for communication. They will use the long trunk to stimulate or get the attention of another elephant and a mother elephant will use its long trunk to caress or help feed her baby. All elephants are herbivores, so they do not eat meat. Their long trunks may get in the way sometimes, but they do serve many purposes.
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That is just the way God made them! It doesn't have to make sense! It just is how it is! But yes I do agree it has many purposes, but that doesn't tell why they are so long, just the use of them.

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