Where do elephants live?


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You will find elephant mostly in India and Africa.

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There are also sanctuaries around the county housing elephants that have been abused in zoos and circuses.  The Performing Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS, ( in Northern California and The Elephant Sanctuary ( in Hohenwald, Tennessee are the most exceptional.  I believe one has just been opened in Florida also. 

The two sanctuaries provide a generous environment similar to an elephant�s natural habitat in which they can roam, forage and bond with other elephants.

PAWS ( offers approximately 100 acres of natural vegetation, a heated barn, numerous streams, creeks, a pond, and even a heated exercise pool.


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Southern African countries have more than 200,000 elephants, or about a third of the entire African elephant population. This is due partly to sound conservation policies and partly to the fact that these countries escaped the heavily armed militias that slaughtered the herds of East and Central Africa.

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In Africa and at the zoo.

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