What Lizards Can Change Color?


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Several species of lizards can change their color the transformation being triggered due to the surroundings and the weather as a means of camouflage as well as a high stress response.

Chameleons Change Color

The most common species of lizard that is well known for its ability to change color is the chameleon belonging to the family Chamaeleonidae; the change in color is brought about by way of special cells known as chromatophores which contain different colored pigments that reflect incident light in unique ways when triggered as a result of various hormones.

The anole found mainly in North America is another lizard of the family Polychrotidae which is known to change its hues; anoles commonly are green colored though they can transform themselves in to brown colored creatures.

Other Lizards That Change Color

Different kinds of iguanas and monitor lizards also can change their body color albeit to a small extent; for example some lizards of the monitor family can change the color of their tail to blend in the surroundings while moving about to escape predators.

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Camillians mostly but when a geko sheads its skin like most other reptiles they turn colors also leopard lizards.

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