Quivering Eyes And They Dart All Around. Sometimes, When I Concentrate, My Eyes Will Quickly Flash To The Left Or Right And Than Go Back To Where I Am Looking. This Also Happens When I Am Happy Such As Petting My Cat, Dog, Or Pleased With Something.Can You Help Me?


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This sounds very annoying. I have had things a little like that. But mine always goes away in a few minutes. I think you really should see a doctor about this. An eye doctor. This doesn't sound to serious if you get to the doctor in the next few days. It cold get worse. Hope this helps you!  Good Luck!
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Sounds like it could be either a nerve problem in the eye muscle or it might be a mild form of seizure disorder. Both seem to me to be minor but very annoying. I'd seek medical attention as soon as I could though. Set up an appointment with your doc to see what he or she says. Best of luck ;)
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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
Yes, very helpful, i went to an eye doctor and he said that my nerves are going under severe stress because my eyes are to close to pages when i read, causing them to twitch "away".
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Did he say you were too close to the pages because of poor eyesight or is it just a bad habit? Just being nosy ;) lol!

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