If you have a dog or cat, what is their favorite treat?


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My dogs favorite treat is canned cut green beans. She gets about 4 of them twice a day. The vet recommended them to stave off her desire to eat grass and puke all over the house. It's been working for 6 years now.

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Skip  Gentry
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Do you give her any store bought dog treats?
Ancient Hippy
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She is very healthy. She's kind of small and she can gain weight easily. I buy her those bacon snacks once in a while and she gets a Tastykake butterscotch Krimpet for her birthday.
Skip  Gentry
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Oh that's sweet!
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I would assume Nausages.

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Gee...after hearing health concerns, even mortalities I immediately stopped giving my dog those packaged store bought treats.

I now give my dog liver,peas and carrots. Actually, my dog loves food and thinks anything hand fed is a treat.

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I have NO IDEA WHY, but my Husky/Terrier mix goes absolutely bonkers for the Trader Joe's Cinnamon Apple snack sticks:

My son hides them behind his ears and she will snuggle and lick his face to get to his ears to grab them . . . It is so funny to watch this because it is obvious she is addicted to these.

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Hi there! I only have dogs and their favourite treats are butter biscuits, roasted chicken meat and livers, raw bones, bananas, mangoes, papayas, potatoes cooked in meat, carrots and several other vegetables. My pets are not used to kibbles or pellets; these treats are too expensive and I do not trust their content at all!

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My dog's favourite treat must be everything edible, lol. But seriously though, he enjoys yogurt a lot.

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DIY liver treats. Baked / dried in the oven and plenty of recipes on the web.

Works even for dogs who are not much fussed about food - for training ;)

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