Do you have a favorite dog breed? If so, which breed is it?


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Mountain Man, I am gonna be honest here. I am not an animal person. I use to be until I saw my ex "step dads" dog drowned my kittens and get told "he was playing with them. That's what dogs do." That ruined it for me as a kid. Then I became a parent myself and saw pets a hassle. However, I always respected and admired the relationship between German Shepards and their cop owners. I always thought THAT is a dog with a purpose. So I would have answered German Shepards in the past. However recently I have gotten to know a dog through a family at my church. She is the sweetest loving animal. (They started training dogs to be a service pet for veterans with PTSD.) The two I have seen and gotten to know (shhhhhh don't tell anyone) I have absolutely grown attached to. One had to move on to her new owner and I still think about how Jr was laughing so hard on the ground as this dog licked his face over and over and over. I want that some day for him, for all my kids. So my answer now, is a lab. When we get our home, I want a lab that's just as loving as those two were/are.

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Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
Hey to all scrabble buddies!!! πŸ˜‚
Yin And Yang
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Hello all my scrabble buddies!!!! It's a reunion!!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Yin And Yang
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Mountain Man... thank you my friend. 😊 I always end up attached to the critters my kids love. πŸ˜…
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I love my mutt.  She is a smooth-hair fox terrier mix.

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Mountain  Man
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Thanks Janis! I've had mutts most of my life and they were all good dogs.
I still have one. Sadie is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Buck and Daisy are both ACD's. :)
Yin And Yang
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I always hear mutts make the best pets. ☺
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I had a 3 lb Chihuahua, 120 lb Akita and more than a dozen other dogs in my life time. The little chihuahua was my heart for years. Haven’t had a dog since her. But if I ever get another one it will be a Yorkie !

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Yes my favorite breed of dog is the Cockerspaniel.

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Janis Haskell
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My family had two of them, and I adored them.
Darren Wolfgang
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Thank you Mountain Man and Thank you Janis. Yep i agree they are wonderful dogs.
Darren Wolfgang
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Yes the lifespan of Cockerspaniel is 12-15 years and my dog, Heaven passed away March 31, 2016 . She just turned age 14 on Dec 23, 2015 . Yes, i miss her she was all black with little white on her chin , she was a true angel . I need a new Cockerspaniel in my life. I miss her so much :(

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