What To Do If You Have No Money To Treat Your Sick Dog?


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It depends on where you live. Some animal shelters have resources to help you out. Sometimes vets will donate their time to shelters for low-income families. Or, you could call a veterinarian and explain your problem and see if he or she will work out a payment plan with you. Our pets should not have to suffer because of our financial constraints, and a kindly veterinarian will work with you to make sure your pet is treated. Start making calls.
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I have the same situation, just laid off have no resources and have a sick dog.   I have called many vets in my area and they all have said basicly the same thing, "Sorry we would like to help but......"
   This includes the Humane Society in my area as well, they said you have to pay the $180 up front and we can work out a payment plan for the rest, well it came to a minimum of 300 dollars a month!!!   My conclusion is, if you are poor you are screwed the so called pet advocates out there are more concerned about their pockets than our pets...   My poor dog......

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