Can I use Neosporin to clear a kittens eye infection(I don't want to pay around $100 to take it to the vet when I could do it myself for around $10!!) And then how do I apply it?? Thanks!


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No, you can't use neosporin in your cat's eye. You can get a bout acid eyewash solution from the pharmacy and use it for your cat, but you will probably need some antibiotic eye drops for your cat..... Take him to the vet.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

My hound get's eye infections once in a while and I just call the Vet and tell them and they give me drops to clear it up. Try to call and do it that way and save a visit cost. Or you can use the boric acid wash lightly like the other lady said, but you will probably need antibiotic drops to completely clear it up.

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Neosporin should not be in anybody's or any animals eyes... It needs a prescription from the vet.

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How would I apply the boric acid? Would I just soak a cotton ball and rub it around her eye?

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