My Rabbit Is Not Breathing Right And Is Not Moving Or Eating, Why?


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You didn't mention that whats your rabbit age and whats the breathing sound looks like weather the noise is coming from the tummy or from the respiratory track. So it is very difficult to tell that what exactly the problem is.

The rabbit might be ill because of falling reasons
  • Eaten bad food.
  • Bloat Problem.
  • Age Factor.
  • Bad temperature.
  • Infection. Etc
For all these things your better take it to the vet. Clean the cage and keep an eye on other rabbits (if you have any) that they don't have similar symptoms. It could be infection as well.

Hope this might help. I pray that your rabbit live a long, happy and healthy life.

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My rabbit is not moving or eating or even drinking his water but he is breathing so whats wrong

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