How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Decompose?


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If you’ve just experienced a pet bereavement in the family, you may find it most appropriate to bury your late feline in the garden. However, you may have concerns about how long the cat’s body may take to decompose. Sadly, there’s no sure fire way of giving an accurate answer - it depends on the average temperatures for the time of year, and humidity levels, too. Obviously, a cat will also decompose at a different speed if it is buried underground.

Should you be planning to give your cat a moving send-off in the garden, you need to check that there aren’t any legal issues with burying the body in the backyard. You can be assured that this won’t be a problem mostly, with one possible exception being if the feline died due to an infection that could become hazardous upon burial. Cremation can also be another alternative, allowing the ashes to be scattered in the garden. Regardless of whether you bury the cat or not, it will still be possible to have a photo, a name plaque and some photos in the garden as a befitting commemoration of how the cat was part of the family.

If you want more advice on handling bereavement, or dealing with the body of your cat following on from its passing, a veterinary professional will be able to handle the cat’s remains on your behalf, or recommend how to hold a funeral for the animal safely and with dignity. Sorry for your loss.
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How long will it take for my cat to decompose I berried her about 2 feet under the ground in my garden but she was wrapped in a blanket
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From 3-5 day it will decompose,and if it has heat and moisture it will decompose very fast.

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