What does it mean if my dog walks in circles around me while I walk her? She also does this for a few minutes once we get inside, if I walk around the house, but if I sit down she will sit, too.


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catherine adams answered
Hi Carra, what's your dogs name? She seem to want to please you a lot and entertain you, and also wants your attention, showing great affection for you. Good dog training, as Ray Ottewell says, is important, and it helps to also build an even greater relationship with your dog. It's well worth doing. Enjoy your walks and the lovely affection your dog is giving you and you to her too.
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Janey answered
It means she could have an ear problem such as a yeast infection or an irritation such as ear mites or ticks.
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Shalla Larocque answered
If your dog is a herding breed (border collie, australian cattle dog etc.) then it is purely in her nature to "herd" you by circling around you.
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Haleigh Clemens answered
Thats a great thing if your dog does that!!!! It means your dog loves you and wants to be around you.it could also mean your dog wants atention.

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