What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Horse Breeder?


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Horse breeding was once the reserve of the very wealthy but it now prides itself on being an occupation which is much more inclusive than previously.
There is a NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) which can be taken, as a National Stud Diploma. Or you could try an NVQ which is run by a British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust Approved Centre. Or the British Horse Society will also provide information and guidance.
If you are thinking about working as a horse breeder, then it is important that you can get experience of working with horses, ideally horses used for domestic purposes and those bred for racing. This may involve working in a stable (often for very little money). However, from this you are more likely to get accepted on an NVQ course and from there go on to be a horse breeder. It is not however, an easy occupation and for every successful breeder, there are others who never quite 'made it' so be prepared for a lot of hard work and commitment !
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I'm not sure about qualifications, but I know what sort of experience/knowledge you need in order to succeed...

* At least 6 years stable experience - that can be anything from taking riding lessons, to grooming horses or tacking a horse up.
* At least 3 years of secondary education (ie. Year 9, 10 & 11 in NZ)
* A love of horses
* Knowledge on horse genetics
* Experience in handling stallions (they can be quite aggressive)

There is probably a lot more experience/knowledge needed, but I have mentioned only the basics... You would have to ask around or research for more information.

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