What Are The Fun Things To Do With Your Horse?


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Horses are a ton of fun! There are many things you can do!

First of course is ride them.

But you can:

-Take them over a few jumps.
-Try a new discipline! You can try the opposite riding style (E/W), and anything from barrel racing and pole bending, to polo cross and skiijoring!
-Trail ride alone or with friends!
-Ride bareback! This is a great way to get a feel for your horse, without a saddle in between you! Plus it's very fun!
-If your horse is a draft or a big horse, try riding double bareback with a friend (both of you on the same horse)! Of course, check with your vet to see how much weight your horse can carry first.
-Teach them a trick. There are many tricks you can teach, from bowing, to a little smile.
-Teach them a few dressage moves. You can do turn on the forehand/haunches, sidepass, leg yield, etc.
-Play with them in their pasture, or the riding ring!
-Get out a big aerobic ball in the riding ring and play with it with your horse.
-Lunge/Longline your horse! If you use voice commands consistantly, your horse will soon learn how to respond to them, and you can do it with only an "invisible lungeline" (otherwise known as no lungline at all!).
-Free jump your horse! You can let your horse go around the rail with a few jumps in his way, and he should jump over them. It's really cool to watch, and it displays good listening skills.
-Take your horse for a ride/swim at the beach!
-Go to a Pony Camp with your horse!
-Take him to a show!
-Play games with friends, like relay races!
-Go for a nice gallop! It's a good way to get excess energy out, and you feel like you're flying!

There are a TON more things you can do with a horse! Try them all, pick your favorites, and have fun doing it!
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Well.. Fist off I do this with my horse:
1 I get a couple of my Friends over and we take turn practicing a routine on her (You can do this bareback,, with the saddle english/or western, or you can just lead him/or her around with a lead) Than one of them is the judge and you see who wins .. Make Sure You have lots of treats if you want to teach her tricks =^) .... I hope this helps
There are many things you can do with your horse also like:
2 obstacle courses
3 Have a grooming contest with your horse and your friends
4if you horse is bomb proof then try standing on her back(but don't get hurt  :) )
Well Bye!!
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Ride your horse bareback. If I could ride any way or style permanently it would be bareback. Its fun and it helps you and your horse become a good team. (also your horse will love it. Also set up an obstacle course for your horse. Logs, barrels, poles, water jumps any thing. Hope this helps.
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Ride bare back its really fun!!!Learn to ride with out a bridle it way fun! Go out to the field and pet them and feed them a treat. Lunge them, free jump them. Brush them. Teach them to do a obstacle course.If you don`t know how to do any of these google it and you`ll  find out!
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If you are tired of doing the same old things with your horse you should look at some of these. Try doing some ovals in the ring(wall trot and cannering them), also you can pratice your serpentine.( if you don't know what they are its like a zig zag motion though the ring) (s) or as my instructor says its like a snake moving through the grass. You can pratice them at a walk trot or canner awell. Theres also 8 meter circles or half the ring circles.
Hope these help!
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Where can I ride on the beach and take my horse in the water in indiana michigan or ohio?

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