What Do Horses Eat?


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Horses eat a range of foods and are partial to any food that is a fruit, vegetable, legume or plant material such as grass. The most common foodstuff for an owner to feed their horse is hay. This is a mix of dried grass and legumes. There are many legumes that can be mixed with the dried grass that the horse will like. Some of these are;


Other owners give their horses dried corn to eat as this is a vegetable and a plant material combined.

There are also treats that you can give to a horse. It is an old wives' tale that you should feed your horse sugar lumps when they are good. This is not a treat and excessive amounts of sugar, as is the case in humans, can do the horse more harm than good. The best treats to give to horses are carrots and apples which are high in liquid and also vitamins.

Horses will need a lot of food as they are big animals and can grow very fast. Food consumption should be quite high, which is something you should consider if you are thinking of getting a horse. They also drink a lot of water, you should try to top up their water at least twice a day and also make sure that their water tray is large enough to give them everything they will need when you are not there.

Horses also need to be cleaned out regularly and also taken out daily so that they get the exercise that they need to keep themselves fit and healthy.

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Horses eat mainly,
sugar cubes
salt blocks
and much more.....thats what a horse will eat!
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Horses are basically grazing animals which means that they eat a little often as opposed to sitting down (or standing up) for three square meals a day. Horses do have certain likes and dislikes. most horses like polo mints and carrots, but these should be viewe as an occasional treat, as opposed to staple diet !
Horse nuts is probably the best food for horses, since they will then get an immediately balanced diet.
Sometimes chaff can be added to this mix to bulk it out a little and to stop them from bolting thier food (which they often do when given a lot).
They enjoy oats and these are very good for them. They also like most root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and beetroot.
They love apples and also may need some salt added to their diet, as well as stuff such as cod liver oil to assist with their joint mobility.
Water is also very important for horses ; as important as food !
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The horses diet is mainly grass and hay, oat and molasses are occasional. Horse also like to lick salt blocks that gives them extra minerals.
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Well horses are usually okay on a diet of grass and hay and the occasional suplement ( garlic etc ) . However , if you work your horse very hard or very often , competitions etc you will have to add more energy high foods such as oats or special cereals aimed at competition horses .
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Horses eat grass during the summer months. In the winter, or whenever there is insufficient grassing, they need to be fed hay and a supplement such as pony nuts.

It is also wise in the winter to occasionally give them five to ten minutes with a vitamin block to help maintain their condition during the harsh winter months. Just don't let your horse or pony get too long with these blocks or it will send them hyper. It is the equine equivalent of blue Smarties if taken in excess.

Feeding a horse or pony depends on a number of factors though. How active it is generally, how much exercise it gets etc. and even the weather. If it's raining heavy and a horse has shelter, it won't be outside grazing, particularly if it is windy too.

A hungry horse will also display certain behaviour such as trying to break out of its enclosure or chewing on wood.
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You should feed a horse a diet of at least half hay . Let him graze plant bermuda grass and some vegetables such as lettuce carrots and beats. To cut down on the cost of feeding. Have a least one horse feed available such as pellets or oats. Don't overfeed the horse with this alternative feed . Horses ar grazzing animals. Let them graze. You should invest in a quality hay. A bail of hay should cost you about 35.00 dollars. Decent quality hay. Horse should drink at least 10 gallons of water per 24 hour period. Too much water will make him sick. Remember there is also moister in food so if he's eating a lot cut down on water.
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They eat pony nuts
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Carrots grass hay oats apples horse food fresh salads salt mints nuts veg and parsnips beetroot vitamin block lettuce beats
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You should feed a horse a diet of at least half hay.Also feed him or her apples,oats,barley and carrots as an ocasional treat. By nicole bailey.
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Horses eat a lot of stuff. If they are hungry enough, the would eat just about anything. Mostly they would eat grass, twigs, leaves, flowers that are not poisonous. People like to give horses suger cubes, carrots, apples and other sweet stuff.
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Horses are considered to be herbivores. They eat grasses and plant matter. In general, a horse should be fed a minimum of 1% of their body weight in good quality dry roughage (legume hay, grass hay or mix). Supplemental grains should not be fed above 1/2% of the horse's body weight. Grains must always be accompanied by roughage. Some horses who are fed treats often will develop a taste for items that are not good for them such as chocolate. Treats should be fed sparringly and wisely. Before feeding vegetable or root stock plant matter, check to make sure the plant matter is not poisonous to horses.
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Horses eat a wide variety of foods. Like Grains and grasses. They are grazing animals which basically means that they don't have a certain  time that they have to eat like Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And It's better if they eat constantly. It is better for their stomach and digestive system. But they can take a break to take a ride!
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Horses eat nearly everything except for sweets and chocolate etc. They need to drink plenty though as well.
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I think horses EAT hay carrots grass oats they enjoy eating polo mints these horses ate my pack of polo mints yesterday
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I like to feed my horse granola bars--but not ones with chocolate--Mr. Ed likes the oatmeal raisin kind the best!
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Horses eat hay, grass, grains, wheat, water, salt, lettuce, flowers, apples and sometimes carrots!Fact: Horses and elephants are terrified of mice and camera flash!
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They eat hay, grass, apples, carrots, sugar cubes, and a lot more but thats all I can remember

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