Are all fish mammals/meat and is this why some fish are allowed to be consumed on fridays?


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G'day Nomad,

Thank you for your question.

Fish aren't mammals. As for fish on Friday, it was seen as a form of fasting and that is why Christians should avoid meat on Friday because that is the day that Jesus was believed to have been crucified. Back in the early days, fasting was also on Wednesday because that is the day that Jesus was betrayed. Meat was a luxury good in the days of early Christians so that is why it was chosen.

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I thought the teaching was because you are not suppose to eat any meat that comes from a animal that gives live birth on those days.
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It basically goes back to the 'fisher of men' thing, and that the early symbol for Christianity was the fish, so Christians could remember Him by eating fish on the day he was crucified. This conveniently ignores the fact that He was actually stoned to death but hey, never let the facts get in the way of religion!

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