Why Do People Like Animals?


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People like animals for different reasons. Some of us like them because we feel we can afford to be friendly to them and be their master. Our innate feeling of superiority makes us want to feel benevolent towards the animals, who are considered dumb and lovable.

Then there are some of us who love animals because we look for some kind of unconditional affection and loyalty from someone. We do not usually find that kind of loyalty among our human friends. All of us usually have some motive or the other for everything we do in our lives, and so we turn to the animals.

There are those who love animals simply because they are what they are. They have an innocence about them that is immediately appealing. The innocence is what draws us to them. They are beautiful creatures, without the corruption that the ability to think and discriminate brings to our minds. They love us irrespective of who we are, what we do, and how we act. That kind of acceptance is something we all yearn for, and that is what draws us to animals.
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I love animals because they bring so much joy to my life. Watching them play with each other, laughing at their antics, seeing how smart they are...all brings me joy. I love to cuddle them thought the cats aren't great cuddlers and the Lab is too big for a lap dog. However, our new Chihuahua puppy loves to be held, especially when he winds down and is ready for a nap. I can cuddle him until I'm ready to put him down and then I lay him in his bed wrapped in a blanket. I like the way he looks at me before he closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. He loves to be cuddled too, loves to play with me, but is also very independent and will go off and play by himself or with the others and will also go off to his bed alone when he is tired. Animals make me smile and make me feel happy.
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I love animals for many reasons and I don't feel superior to them. I often feel deeply angry and distressed at the terrible things people do to them.
Thankfully there are wonderful organisations world-wide who work towards helping animals . Organisations such as PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Anti- vivisection societies do a lot to make people aware of how humans mistreat these lovely creatures.
Animals make wonderful companions and give a love that few humans are capable of! I admire them - domesticated and wild and am constantly amazed at their intelligence and resourceful ness. I think that they are neither dumb nor inferior and detest any form of exploitation or cruelty or experimentation. I don't believe that animals were put here to be exploited by humans.
Thankfully the number of people who do seem to care is huge but many countries such as Greece and Spain , third world countries and Eastern societies have a different view which is sometimes horrifying to those who do care. I avoid visiting or buying goods from countries who are cruel to both animals and humans and am a member of many active groups helping to stop cruelty in the world.
In the UK they say we have the best animal welfare in the world and that's sadly not as good as it should be.
Animals are a very special part of creation and bring a great deal of happiness to many people - they deserve to be treated well in return. In fact I have a small dog sitting with me helping me to write this!
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Mia Teeliumtrozzle
You're right - everyone should be kind to animals.
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Since i opened my eyes and i found my self deeply in love with all kinds of animals .. Not to feel superior to them on the contrast i feel so protective towards them , they are wonderful creatures, once u give them some of your concern they will always remember you ... And for those who dont love animals u dont have to but at least dont harm them ,coz u wont like someone to torture ur family for just not liking them this is a serious crime against humanity ..
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I love animals and in answer to your question, why wouldn't you love them? I find them great companions and friends. I wish more people felt like that towards them. I am deeply distressed at some of the terrible things people do to animals. I especially hate animal art (for example dying poodles bright pink) and and animal testing (testing beauty products on animals). Although I am only 11, I am already campaigning against animal cruelty.
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I like animals because they don't care if your poor or rich or famouse or weird, they just want love and to know that someone cares for them. We all want some one to love and cherish just like them.
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I like animals because they are friendly. It is very amusing to watch my budgies having a debate, or to watch my gerbils jumping around, or to watch my goldfish playing fish games.I love them because they are wonderful creatures.They're not humans but they are alive- living creatures.I think its a miracle that God created so many wonderful beasts and some of my best friends are animals.
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Gillian Smith
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I had a look at your website and I really like the section on animals. I love animals too and admire you for being so kind to them.
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Hi feng,

I love animals because they make me feel needed. They love unconditionally, they protect, and they make me feel better when I hurt. And they don't ask for anything. How special is that?

Animals are a miracle of GOD, and I believe a little bit of God is in every animal so He could be with us always; after all, look at the name – DOG.

Happy Holidays!!!
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People like animals because they are cute and they are good friends
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There are many reasons people like animals. Why do people like ice cream? Why do people like swimming? These are the things that can make a person smile. I personally fall into heaven's arms when I'm surrounded by my pets. I have two dogs, Lady and Tinkerbell, a cat named mittens, a bunny named butters, and a fish named bubbles. I could come home from a stressful day, and seeing my pets act themselves, running around in circles barking, or jumping in the air and twitching with excitement, or swimming around bumping into the fish tank; these things make me happy. It makes me forget about my personal worries, which in total, is why we own pets. As human beings, loneliness is hard to cope with. Animals can fulfill those needs that can't be met by other.
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I feel that there are many perspectives about the same question.I am a very big animal lover ive had dogs,rabbits,parrots,doves,fish,mice and now I have 2 guinea pigs. Well eventhough I am a animal lover but  I always day in and day out I face people who feel scared,dirty looking at animals but at the same time I feel that animals are one of the greatest creations on this earth and we should respect every ones opinion.I hope this helped you out and answered your question.
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Because we get a glimse of God and feel! It's their innocence and they are completely dependant on us! It's their loyalty and unconditional love.. See all of the qualities of the creator Himself. .
It's their unsatiable affection they give.. It's the connection we feel
( that that is our true selves/character God meant for us to be)
They are awesome!
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I like animals because they are so precious! , they are dependant on us and are full of love and innocence.  I also like them because they are a constant reminder of how awesome God is.
When I look at the details in my cat's coats, how every mark and line are perfectly placed, how they instinctively nurse,mother and protect their kittens, I am amazed! At how they put the human race to shame in some cases.
I honestly believe that they are special and we have a duty to love and protect them from those who would seek to hurt them.
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I guess because we have always coexisted and for a long time now we have enjoyed each others companionship.

I have so many wonderful memories with my dogs, even though its been a long time since they are gone,I would not trade it for anything in the world.There is something magical about the relationship that we have with our animals.
Now my son has a cat her name is Pretty Baby and she is so much fun , and I really think she enjoys her life with us as well.She gets lots of love and attention.I think we are all happier because of having each other .
Even though my son's doctor thought that it would be better for his asthma to get the cat out of the house I did let her know that it is not possible unless he is really,really sick.He made it through dough and loves his cat a lot!!!!
I am glad I stood up my ground and gave it a chance.Animals rule!:)
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We love animals, because, love is an emotion, which gratifies the ego from the bottom of the heart. I come back home, after all hush hush and honking on the streets. They are just unconditional, waiting for me. As they are praying for my safe arrival. No doubt, they are the true best wishers of their human friends. I hate people doing neuter these beautiful animals for their own selfish reasons. Remember! this is the greatest joy in their lives, If I have authority, I will ban this criminal act against the nature.
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Companionship, communion with living creatures, unconditional, non-judgmental love. Innocent gratitude and appreciation for who we are, however imperfect that may be-- an animal doesn't judge. And whether or not true, I think we often believe they need us as much as we need them.
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Hi I agree with what you said ,i think they are the wonderful creatures of god, they were born for human-being 's love.
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Ryan Viola , Love For Pets and Animals, answered
I think, in this generation every person will do stuffs just for their own profit. But animals and pets play a great role which become a best support and give their unconditional and priceless love to those people. So make life happy and relaxed with animals.

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Some people like animals because it makes them feel happy when a sad and also they are created from God so we have to see them as special like us (human beings)
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People like animals for different resons like some like animals because they are cute some like them because they are interesting and some mean snobby people like them cause they are testers for make up
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Not all the animals but some of them because they look very cute and fluffy    :)
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People love animals because they are nice cuddly and cute. One reason I love animals are because I love how they love you too!
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I love my little animals because they are warm and cuddly and give me love unlike most uncaring, snobby, cold-hearted people.

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