If Your Soul Took The Form Of An Animal, What Do You Think It Would Look Like?


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Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
My soul would change.. Some days it would be a quiet little mouse... Some days it would be a lion... Somedays it would be a butterfly... Depends on my mood and what's going on. Whatever shape it would take on it would still have the same moral character and the same love for life.
Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
I love birds and butterflies -- my gardens always have them around -- birds singing and butterflies flying around and resting on the flowers.  I would probably want to come back as a Blue Jay (they're so feisty and independent), or a Monarch butterfly.
(Charming -- I like your Queen of the Sky reference!  LOL!)
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
If you're looking for any animal it would be a phoenix. I think that the life cycle a phoenix has is much like the one I'm experiencing. I know I'm only 17 but the girl i was when i would younger died and right how I'm working my way through the ashes of my past self on the way to being reborn.
But if you were looking for a normal animal I'd go with a butterfly.  pretty, unique, kind of hard to hang on to, fragile and desperate for freedom.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I would want to be something that has a long life span, that can enjoy life.  Probably a really pretty bird.  So I could travel the world and enjoy lifes scenery.  Something pretty like a blue bird, or a robin.  Not a black bird.  I wouldn't want to be a bug or an animal that could be stepped on or hit by a car.  But I don't believe coming back as an animal.  But if I had to and I could choose, I would be a pretty bird.  Also, one that could swim and would not drown very easily.
Livy Hall Profile
Livy Hall answered
I would be an insect of some sort. I would love to hear people's conversations, and annoy my family and other people too if they tried to swat me! He he!
Katey Hurtman Profile
Katey Hurtman answered
I really don't know, but the more I think about it the more I think that I would be like a dolphin. Fun loving, but caring. Dangerous, and playful. Always looking out for someone else, that is how I see my soul taking the shape of an animal.
Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
 An Eagle, because I love eagles. They are strong and can fly high and far. They never tire, but soar effortlessly through the sky. They are beautiful creatures.

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