Where Do Animals Go After They Die? Heaven?


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And the lion will lay with the lamb. It's in the bible. I do believe that animals have souls, and they can become ghosts. But for the most part, they are going to be with you in heaven. Hope this helps.
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Animals are part of God's creation and have a purpose, that is why he saved them in the great flood.  When the end of time comes and Jesus returns to set up hs Kingdom on Earth we will live here with Him and God.  The animals have their place hre too and will be with us serving their good purpose as all bad things will no longer exist.  When we sayy that animals do not have a soul, we don't actually know that they don't have a soul, we do know that they do not have a conscience which means that they cannot make a choice between accepting or rejecting Christ as their savior only humans do that, which is what determines if we get to go to heaven and live eternal life.
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Heaven because I believe in god.
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My cat Gonzo had a tumor and we had to get him put to sleep when I was much younger. But when we were still living in our house....I swear I had seen him years later afterwards. So, in other words, I think they do go to heaven or wherever they go to maybe protect us...and even if they don't....I'd still love them anyway.
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In the book "In Heaven Kittens Play" by animal rescue expert and author Nick Sacco, the answer is yes... Animals do go to heaven. The loss of a pet through death is not the end but only the beginning. A special garden cared for by a loving angel awaits those creatures who pass over. There they play in peace and without fear, forever loved by this special being.

One of the editors noted that it was a good way for both kids and adults to understand and cope with the death of an animal, or even a person. It's a wonderful, inspiring book that reveals to its readers the mystery of where our pets go when they die. As an expert with years of animal rescue experience he explains to the reader a wonderful after life of angelic beings who await all of our beloved pets.

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Ok in the bible it says that god separated us from the animals. He did this by giving us souls and leaving the animals without. Because of this the animals energy just goes around in the cycle of life after it dies. Animals go nowhere after they die.
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Would you mind telling me exactly where it says that animals were left without souls? In MY bible, there are numerous references regarding "all of God's creatures" going to heaven.
Would you like me to quote you a few of them? They most certainly do have souls, God loves animals as much as he does us and to think otherwise, is ludicrous. It wouldn't be much of a heaven would it if there were no animals?
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Well,,,actually,,,no as far as I know some of te animals get mixed up with the air,,I mean like the vapour,especially the cat,,,that's what I know
OK,then hope you get more inform from Google,,,,
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Mabey god has a special place for then like a big pet palace where all the animals gp
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I am not sure of the existence of heaven or hell, however I have had 3 male cats (Little Man, Mallow, and Mickey) (1, 2, and 3 years old when they went missing), a 19 year old female cat (Misty), and now a 9 month old female cat (Pele).

The first 3 were brothers who were rescued.  I "adopted" them when they were brought in and received a call. Their names were Little Man, Mallow, and Mickey.  The first to go missing was Little Man, and at first found with a bb and a pellet, one in the thoracic and the other almost in the pleural space. They could not be safely removed. He eventually ran away, and I see him every now and then (alive running under cars, etc.) but he had switched to survival mode and become completely feral.

The next two, Mallow and Mickey, simply went missing.

The day before I realized each of the last two were missing, I had a dream or a very morbid feeling in my stomach.

I "heavily felt" something was wrong the night mallow went missing.  I scoured the neighborhood looking for clues but found nothing.

Mickey went missing on a sunday night.  I had seen him throughout the day even up until about an hour or 2 before I went to bed.  That night, I dreamt of opening the backdoor to the backporch and standing on the top step, seeing mickey look at me then jumped down to the floor to brush against my leg.  I sensed immense pain and sorrow in this dream.  He then looked at me, and then walked to the 2'x2' step that was right outside the door, as if he was trying to tell me something.  The next day, neither I nor anyone in the family could find him.  Weeks of campaigning with the usual newspapers and signs and visiting animal shelters/neighbors brought nothing.

The older cat, I felt sad, yet not disturbed when she went missing, although we never found her body.  She could not hear or smell, she had arthritis throughout her body, and her vision was poor.  

The last cat, Pele, is the saddest.  My dad had seen her and Peaches (an 8 year old cat) playing in the driveway at about 2:00 p.m.  I arrived home around 4:00 p.m.  I was in my room looking over homework assignments and studying.  A friend of mine showed up and we went to the garage to workout.  At about 5:50 p.m., my mother tells me that Pele is dead in the driveway!  I couldn't believe it.

I went outside and saw her lying on her left side.  My girlfriend was over and came outside and turned her over, revealing a 1.5-2" line of blood.  After 100% confirming she was dead, I ran to get my keys and searched the neighborhood with my car for ANYONE walking who may have a gun or something.  I got back and my girlfriend had cleaned the wound.  There was a hole that only a pellet gun could make that went directly into her heart.  There were no other wounds, just the one.  So my cat was shot in the heart in my own driveway.  No cameras, nothing to see what happened.

Before I got in my car while I was quickly examining her body, she felt colder than normal but her body temperature had not completely dissipated, as well as rigor mortis was not 100% set in yet.

I could have had video surveillance set up by now all around my house that would have probably stopped whoever is doing this from doing it again.

I didnt want to look crazy but as I buried my cat, I silently asked for her soul to rest in peace and that she is happy wherever she is.  I asked that wisdom be shown to me in some form, so I kept my eye out.  That night, I had a dream where I knew my girlfriend was at a party and saw her for an instance, she said "meet me upstairs" and so I went up after a minute only to find she was nowhere in sight.  I searched everywhere and no one had seen her.  

I took her death and this dream as a lesson to protect what I already have more than I had been.  

I do not believe that any human has the right to interpret the intentions of any higher being(s) that may or may not exist.  These are beliefs that must be found by one's self.  

All I can say for sure is that there is something good after humans and animals die, yet the description of such divine a divine being(s) should not be left up to limited beings like ourselves.
The dead try to communicate with us as they pass over to whatever this place is and it is up to us to keep our senses and our minds open to what they have to tell us.

When your mind has opened itself fully, then you will be able to begin your search for the ultimate truths.

Be realistic, but look beyond what people tell you to see.  Be careful of accidentally manifesting illusions because of your desire for something to exist.  Be open for answers, but do not try to find them because they will find you.

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