What Type Of Animals Do You Have?


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grace couch answered
I have a spoiled brat ...I have a miniature pincher dog.I have had her for 9 years so when i say she is spoiled i mean it.
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grace couch
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and i also have a 1 1/2yr old cat he likes the dog but she dont like him she turns her nose up and walks away from him his name is Smokey because he is dark gray and her name is Daysey she is red .
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I have a 5 year old toy poodle she is very smart , her name is roxy.
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Diane Bart answered
We have two spoiled kids as well , a rotti named Justice and a cat who thinks she a princess ( NOT ) , her name is Miranda.
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Whittney Cole answered
I have two female dogs and one male dog and two cats a female and a male
the dogs names are purdi, Kelly and Sam and the cats names are omalley and Tisha
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Tammy Maxwell answered
I have a male akc beagel his name is toby and a female siames cat her name is valinetine.and they are both spoiled.

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