How Many Rhinos Are Killed Each Year?


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There are no exact figures available regarding how many rhino are killed every year. More than an astounding ninety percent of the world's rhino population have disappeared since the year 1970. Today there are only about 16,000 rhinos left- most of which are in zoos and national wildlife sanctuaries.

Rhinos are killed mostly because their horns are in great demand. In 1989, the rhino horn was sold for $7400 per kg in China. This is because rhinoceros horns are extensively used in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. They are considered to be very effective for heat reduction and are therefore commonly used to treat fevers, high blood pressure, delirium and other ailments.

In Yemen in the Middle East rhino horns are carved in to ornate dagger handles that are known as jambiyas. Yemen was responsible for forty percent of the international rhino trade before international laws made killing rhinos illegal.
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Rhinos are vicios creatures!!! Their horns can put you in the hospitals! 67890 People get killed each here due to comas from freaking out right before they get R.I.P.ed

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