What Kind Of Human Food Can You Feed A Pet Snake?


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Nothing, you should only feed your snake mice or small rats. They are carnivores and mice/rats give them their complete nutrition. If you were to feed say chunks of beef or chicken they wouldn't get their full nutrition.
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Depends on the type and size of the snake.I mean large pythons can eat rabbits, chickens,quail, piglets.all of which we can eat as humans.But of course you wouldn,t want to be giving your snake a pork chop etc.When a snake eats a whole animal it gets a lot of nutrition from the gut content and the bones and internal organs etc.So is more nutritionaly balanced.For smaller snakes I would just go to petshop and buy some frozen mice/rats.
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There not really suppose to eat any human food only things they can eat r what they eat in the wild

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