My European Black Bear Hamster Wasnt Moving And Breathing Occasionally What Was Wrong?


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How old is your hamster?  Are there any other symptoms?

Towards the end of a hamster's life they become more lethargic and may begin to breathe rapidly or at a very slow pace.

However if the temperature in the hamster's surroundings is too cold, the hamster will enter hibernation.  This you want to avoid.  While hibernating, hamsters can look like they are dead because they do not move and you have to really look at the vibrations in their whiskers to realize they are still breathing.  If this is the case, make sure to gradually warm the hamster's environment.  Overheating a hibernating hamster can be fatal so I stress gradually.  I would suggest that if you have fluff to surround the hamster during this process.  You can also very gently rub your hamster to encourage heat.  Once he/she has woken, he/she may appear a little stiff so it will take time before he/she acts normally.  Make sure that you feed/hydrate him/her because hamsters usually die from hibernating due to not food or water.

Just based on the two symptoms it could very well be the above, but those two symptoms can also reflect a hamster in the prime of his/her life.  

I hope he/she gets better!

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