What's Wrong With My Hamster?


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My hamster does that too.... Its quite normal, but if it does it too much, you should try and take him to the vet. Today when I picked my hamster up, she spit out all her food, I had to put her back in the cage....
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As long as he doesn't get really thin, then he is fine. Hamsters do poop a lot, that's normal. Just make sure that he is eating some food and not spitting it all out into your hand. If the hamster in the pic is a Robo (which I think it is) you must be a good hamster trainer, or must have a really tame hamster. Roboes usually don't like being held.
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My hamsters keeps felling everytime she walks she is only 6months and she is a teddy bear hamster don't know what do do with her I am scared
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My hamster has swelling on her left cheek, pooping little green pellets. I also noticed that when she drinks water, sometimes she begins 2 choke. Am I just paranoid or should I be worried?! I'm scared out of my mind.
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Sweety he is fine this is totally normal!!!!! He is just playing with you!!! Is that him in the picture? If so he is adorable!!! I am going to ask for your friendship.

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