Can The Parson Russell Terrier Swim?


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The Parson Russell terrier is another type of Jack Russell terrier. It is more of a show dog than a working dog. It is built for strength and speed, and it possesses great stamina and enthusiasm. Parson Russell terriers are dogs that are basically fond of the outdoors and enjoy basking in the limelight and attention they attract.

They love playing sports and are completely at home if they are unleashed and let out to roam about freely. Their love of the outdoors comes not only from their fox-hunting and swimming background, but also from the man after whom they were named. They were admitted as fox terriers to the Kennel Club in the 19th century, but the name was altered to Parson Russell after the Reverend John Russell, affectionately known as Jack. Rev. Jack Russell was a 19th century parson who was passionate about sports, especially fox-hunting. The two breeds of terrier were named in honour of Rev. Russell, who was known as the 'Sporting Parson'.
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Informative and correct.. I have a female Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Maggie Mae and she is not a Parson but a American and Jack Russell Terrier. There are tall and short in the American breed. In the city you'll find more of what appears as a Toy Parson Terrier. BUT BEWEAR ! You better do alot of research if you plan on buying or adopting this breed. Most all will have the energy of several dogs and they also require alot of training!!!!!

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