What Would Happen If My Cat Were To Ingest Or Eat Lead Based Paint?


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Well animals are pretty resilient. I would watch your cat for anything abnormal, like throwing up or being tired. In the mean time I would let the vet know what happened and how much the cat injested. He may have a suggestion on what the cat could eat that would soothe it's stomach or help it to pass through the body quicker (in other words... Not absorb into the body.)
****I found a website that will help you to know how to keep safe from the lead ....
This site has a lot of helpful information on washing hands for both children and adults and much, much more.
****I also found another site that expresses concern of lead exposure to animals. There's enough info that I cannot put it all in this answer so here's the website.
****I hope this helps you. Take care.
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If the paint is peeling, there is a danger to your cat. Scrape off the paint (while the cat isn't around) and repaint with something safer. Remember lead based paint can be a hazard to your health, too, and wear a mask to prevent breathing it in.
If your cat does ingest the lead paint, take it to the vet right away. Lead is deadly to all animals, and a cat, being small, can be overwhelmed by a small amount. The poison control center can also give you advice in case of a lead-based emergency.

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