Can A Ball Python Eat A Field Mouse?


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Heck yeah but if you're thinking about it, a) be aware live wild mice can hurt your pet by either injuring them with a bite, or carrying parasites and b) you're scaring me that you don't seem aware how big ball pythons get...They eat things a whole lot bigger than a mouse. Please get more information about your pet!
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 yes they can eat a field mouse but you should feed it to your ball python. Its not safe and the field mouse can carry parasite's that can kill your pet. But they can eat a large rat.  a ball python will only get at max 5-6 feet thats all but most of the time you looking at about 3-4 feet which is normal. Please I beg you if you don't know how to feed or take care of this python give it to someone that can or study up on them.. I have two ball pythons myself...
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Yes. .  They can if they want to..

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