Why Does My French Bulldog Have A Rash In Between His Hind Legs, Ear, And Nose?


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You should see your Frenchie vet (frenchie's should always see Frenchie vet's) to be sure as there are some options. Most likely it's immune/allergy atopic dermatitis. What food do you feed your Frenchie? They also can be very protein sensitive but that's usually indicated by a different rash but could be a factor. Nothing from grocery store, nothing like Science Diet (ICK), nothing that promotes allergies and often best to stick to a certain protein range both because of their protein sensitivity and their bones and joints during growth and despite being on the smaller side they actually take a bit longer to mature. Any other exposure to things they have a tendency to not react well with even though diet is usually a very large factor in a lot of other thing? It could be dust or pollen or something like that your pup is reacting to and the base is in the immune system itself so anything you can do to help relive and avoid and prevent is great.
I feed Innova in the green bag from the time they are able to eat pretty much and don't even do any sort of puppy diet. I do not feed Evo or any of the diets made for those more into the raw diets and formulated towards that type of diet as they have extremely high protein levels though many do feed them. Any switch should be very slow and it'll take about 3 or 4 weeks. Your groomer may have an all natural, no dyes or perfumes or anything oatmeal shampoo to help relieve the itching and your baby being so uncomfortable and your vet can also probably help you make your pup more comfortable while you get this more under control and your pup may have a secondary bacterial infection and need a course of appropriate antibiotics.
If you have any more questions or would like me to help you check out diet or anything feel free to sign up, add me and give me a shout in case you didn't immediately recognize the avatar pic. ;-). Is your breeder available to help you with any of this and other Frenchie stuff? Good luck to you, hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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