My 12 1/2 Yr. Old Jack Russell Terrier Mix Started Having Full Body Tremors 3 Months Ago. They Aren't Constant, But She Does Have Them Up To 3x A Day. When She Sleeps, She Has Small, Jerky Movements Occasionally. What Is This & What Can I Do?


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My dog also experienced this since she was little. The first time was her back leg then to her other leg eventually all over her body. She looked and sounded as if she was in pain when it really got bad, I thought I would have to put her down. I took her to a neurologist and they had only seen what she had in a video study about Jack Russels. They prescribed me with Mexiletine which in the study showed that it had help with the condition. This is a heart medications for murmurs in people and I know that is not what your dog has but it works. I have been giving her this medication for almost a year and all spasms have gone away. The only time they reappear is when I miss a few doses. They called the condition Myo...something (I don't have my papers with me).
I hope this helps.
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My Jack Russel Has Them Too. He Is Just 18 Months. We Have Put It Down To The Cold, As He Is A Field Dog, (We Use Him As A Ratter). As A Dog Gets Older Most Of The Fat Will Drop Off, And When They Get Elderly, You Will Notice The Bones More Because Of The Skin Loosens, So You Know The Dog Has No Fat On It. These "Tremors" Are Not Fits. Just Simply Buy Her A Coat. My Jack Russel (Bear) Wears His Everyday When It Is Cold. And The Jerky Movements In The Sleep Could Be Caused By A Dream (Chasng Cats Etc). If It Consists And You Are Truly Worried, Simply Take Her To The Vets.

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