2yr Mixed Chihuahua Has Bumps And Blisters On Vulva, She Licks Them, But Not Constantly. We Dont Really Have Money To Go To The Vet...she Isnt Spayed But She Hasn't Been Around Any Male Dogs, What To Do?


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I would try to make some what amount of money to take her to the vet.The last option in your case is to try and sell her, but that would be heartbreaking, but it would be for the best.At least try to make sure the blisters do not become worse in any case. She is licking them because all dogs lick there sores. They also lick humans sores. I don't believe her licking her sores is sure to keep her with food and water all the time.If you have anything for dogs that can disinfect the blisters use that. But be sure it is made for the dog and that situation. Hope I helped,
- a Friend

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