Can Turkeys And Chickens Free Re Range Together Without Problems?


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I have had turkeys and chickens together for years .but only free range or large pens. When you have them in small pens together it seems you may loose some young birds due to black head .most game bird feed is medicated for black head .I wouldnt worry a bit with adult birds but be very careful with chicks ive lost a bunch of turkey together trying to raise them together.but never with adults
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Yes, they can. You will have to keep an eye but there should not be any major problems with the free rerange Turkeys and Chickens together.
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Look, I've read 'no' to this in the books and as a consequence have never tried keeping turkeys with my chickens. I loaned the book that said it (and never saw it again) but if memory serves, it is because of a disease called "black head" that the turkey gets.

However if you have now done it successfully I'd be very interested to hear more.

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yes, I have heard that as well. The turkeys can contract a disease from the faces of the chickens. Though people put them together for their own convenience. this does not mean that it is best for the turkey.
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Can turkeys  and chickens use same house
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You can certainly free range turkeys and Chickens together without any problem. You can mix most domestic poultry, I have had Chickens, ducks geese turkeys and peafowl all together, you can even add guinea fowl.
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I have 30 hens and 2 turkeys they all run about in the back garden.but the tom seems to chase any hen that comes near his lady. The x-battery's did pester him when I got him now I guess he is getting his own back.

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